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Japan is a beautiful country full of history and wonder. It’s also home to one of the most expensive countries in the world. You wouldn’t know it just by visiting, though, because Japan loves to put up a front of politeness and hospitality. Beyond that friendly exterior, though, Japan is an unforgiving place for foreigners who can’t afford it.

When looking for an apartment in Japan, prospective tenants can choose either a Japanese or foreign property search. The Japanese version will be much easier for someone who does not speak or read Japanese. Rather than having to spend time searching for the correct kanji or running through an online translator, you can type in your keywords and explore with ease.

As most apartments are finding tenants through brokers, there won’t be many that you can contact directly by email anyway, so it’s not going to matter if your request is in English rather than Japanese. You might have better luck approaching locals directly in person, but there is a good chance they will still turn you over to a broker anyway.

Your plan should be to live outside of Tokyo if you are on a budget. Osaka has even more choices, which is slightly more affordable than Tokyo. Many foreigners also choose to live in Hiroshima because it’s right next to Osaka and about halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto. These cities have bus services and trains connecting them with Tokyo.

Good neighborhoods to search for in Tokyo include Ueno and Shinjuku on the Yamanote Line. If you are planning on living with roommates, don’t consider anything less than 80 square meters and has two bedrooms or more. If you’re going to live alone, then 60-80 square meters will do just fine – plus, it might be cheaper.

Regarding the price per square meter, Kaga City Rental in Japan are more expensive than in most other countries. This is because many landlords are so strict about who they allow living in their buildings. Japan is a very homogeneous society, so there aren’t many foreigners living among them at all. So, it’s not worth paying more than 50,000 yen a month if you are living alone.

In conclusion, Japan is a beautiful place to live, especially if you can afford it. That said, the country has everything a foreigner could want, but the price is prohibitively high for most. The only way that you will be able to live in Japan for your entire life is if you make at least 1 million yen a year.


日本は歴史と不思議に満ちた美しい国です。また、世界で最も物価の高い国の 1 つの本拠地でもあります。日本は礼儀正しさとホスピタリティを前面に出すのが大好きなので、訪問しただけではわかりません。しかし、そのフレンドリーな外見を超えて、日本はお金のない外国人にとって容赦のない場所です.



予算が限られている場合は、東京以外に住むことを計画する必要があります.大阪はさらに多くの選択肢があり、東京よりもわずかに手頃な価格です。大阪に隣接し、東京と京都のほぼ中間に位置することから、多くの外国人が広島に住むことを選択しています。これらの都市には、東京と接続するバス サービスと電車があります。

東京で検索するのに適した地域には、山手線の上野と新宿が含まれます。加賀 賃貸 ルームメイトとの同居を計画している場合は、80 平方メートル未満で寝室が 2 つ以上ある部屋は考慮しないでください。一人暮らしなら60~80平米が丁度いいし、もっと安いかもしれない。




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